5 Best Marketing Podcasts to Start Your Day


We all know we should be listening to podcasts, but we never really commit to tuning in to one. I’m telling you to change your ways! Podcasts allow you to hear valuable conversations from marketing experts, without having to get ahold of them. It’s free knowledge! So, check out some of these podcasts and take a listen to one over your morning coffee, shower (because that’s where all the good ideas come from, right?) or commute to work. Here are my top five, in no particular order. 


Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts: John Wall and Christopher Penn

Avg. Length: Under 30 mins

Great for: News

What better way to start your day than coffee, right? Marketing Over Coffee gives you just that, and then some. Rather than being topic-based like most marketing podcasts, MOC is news-based, and covers the constantly changing marketing trends and ideologies. Covering both classic and new age marketing, Wall and Penn pride themselves on giving listeners “tips and tricks you can only get from casual conversation outside the office”.



Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

Avg. Length: 15-30 minutes, occasionally over an hour

Great for: Rapid-fire Q+A

Think this is a studio-recorded podcast? Think again. Marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk’s #AskGaryVee is actually his YouTube show in podcast form, so you don’t have to watch on the go (or do any of that silly running-into-people-while-on-the-phone thing). Vaynerchuk’s podcast consists of him answering his audience’s marketing questions, so if you’ve been turning a certain problem over in your head for a while, tweet your question to @GaryVee with hashtag #AskGaryVee.



Host: Sonia Simone

Avg. Length: 15-30 minutes

Great for: Blogging and content marketing

Evolved from original podcast The Lede, Copyblogger.FM is all about content marketing, because as we all know, content is king. And if content is king, Sonia is queen: she covers emerging trends, interesting disasters, news, and practical strategies and tactics. You’ll also get access to behind the scenes content strategies for both the Copyblogger blog and Rainmaker Digital. And since Q+A is always a great idea, expect a fair amount of that too.


The Accidental Creative

Host: Todd Henry

Avg. Length: 15 minutes

Great for: Feel-good creative inspiration

Balance is tough, and being mind-blocked is very, very real. If you work in the creative space, this is the podcast for you. Working in an environment that asks you to create on demand can overstress even the most prolific creative abilities, and when this takes from your personal life, the struggle really begins. Host Todd Henry tells you how to hone your creative process, and isn’t afraid to delve into the issues important to a healthy work life. A must-listen for those looking for both life and workplace inspiration.


This Old Marketing Podcast

Host: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Avg. Length: An hour

Great for: Content marketing trends and customer retention

Don’t be fooled by the name– this podcast is anything but boring. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are two of the most well-known content marketing experts out there, and they’re here to give you the scoop on everything content and customer retention. Each hour-long podcast includes content marketing headlines, rants and raves, and a killer content example and analysis to end things on a good note. You can also submit questions with the #ThisOldMarketing hashtag on Twitter for the chance to be featured on the show.

Cort Davies
Cort Davies
Cort believes that startups should get powerful, effective marketing advice along with practical and positive soft skills to give them the best chance to succeed.

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