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August 15, 2014
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Do you have that entrepreneurial itch from time to time that keeps you awake at night?  That dream, vision, idea, invention that you desired to bring to life?  Perhaps it came to you in a dream years ago.  Maybe it smacked you in the face one day and you said to yourself “why doesn’t that exist yet? It would make my life or someone else’s life so much better!”

This post is inspired by the fact that I just decided to take a little time and dig into my old backup files to see what’s there.  Wow have I had ideas!  From businesses, books, and screenplays.  I have several ideas for inventions.  Also a few sports related realty shows in there.

Countless other app and website ideas as well.  Heck, I have an idea on how to bring organic healthy food to all the schools in the US.  There must be 100+ different folders in here and I revisited some of the ideas and many were not actually half bad!

Yet, I don’t think I made much IF ANY money off of any of them.  Does it mean it was a waste of my time to explore my creative side?  Quite the contrary, it has helped develop a side of me that I didn’t have before.  It has given me the ability to look at things from many more angles.  It has made this very logical engineering background guy into a creative mind and I am grateful for it.


So, do you question whether you should take the time out of your ultra busy schedule and explore one or more of your ideas?  I say do it and I’ll explain why.

Flex Your Idea Muscle

The fact is, is that when you stop learning and exploring, your brain goes stagnant.  To me one of my biggest fears is to lose the ability to learn and grow.  Taking time out to be creative prevents your brain from being stagnant and often takes your mind of your daily trials and tribulations.

One thing I have learned is to always have a pad of yellow paper and a pen with me.  Why yellow?  I don’t know I just like it, ok!  I go through 50 page pads once a month and many of the pages are just me writing down ideas about my business and personal life and how to improve upon it.  I am flexing my idea muscles and working my brain out.

So whether you are hungry for a change or whether you just want to be more creative, start writing down ideas starting on a weekly or monthly basis.  Take out a white board and just make lists of how you think you could improve your life or the lives of others.  See where the rabbit hole takes you.


You never know, you may come up with a world changing idea.  But, if you don’t, appreciate the creative journey you are putting yourself through.  I encourage you to explore your creative side because I believe it is good for us as a whole.  I believe that we as humans have this amazing ability to think and create and that if we aren’t do that, we are wasting our potential.  Just imagine if some of the best creative minds never brought their ideas to life?  We certainly wouldn’t be enjoying our incredible quality of life.

I am actually tinkering around with an invention I thought of in 2007.  I want to try to get it on Kickstarter and see if it has consumer interest.  Who knows what the outcome will be but I am excited at the thought of trying it out!

So get cracking and get creative today.  Its not just advantageous to you but it positively affects humanity as a whole.  Boom!

For some more inspiration check out this great James Altucher post:

Cort Davies
Cort Davies
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