Beginner Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing, and is a fantastic way to connect with your audience. A lot of companies give little thought to a social media strategy and instead go all in with minimal planning, leading to disorganization and blunders. To avoid those costs, slow down and take a step back when evaluating entrance into (or revision of) your social media strategy.


Know your goals

Start by asking yourself what you want to accomplish in the long run. What are your end goals? And from there, consider the purpose of your social media marketing efforts. Are you looking to increase sales? Drive website traffic? Establish a strong brand presence? Though you may want all of these things, try to narrow it down to the one or two most important to you so you don’t spread yourself too thin.


Create clearly defined objectives

Now that you’ve looked at where you want to go, you’ll need to break down your goals into clearly defined objectives. If you want to increase brand awareness, maybe you’ll set an objective to increase your followers and mentions by a certain percent. However, you also need to set a time limit (i.e. increasing followers and mentions ___% in six months), otherwise you won’t have a clear path to work from. Make sure you track your progress along the way, whether it be a spreadsheet or analytics software like Google Analytics.


Evaluate customers, channels, and competition

Do you know who you’re trying to reach? Reevaluate your segmentation and targeting, and strive to understand your audience and their interests. Where are they present on social media? What are they talking about? Once you find out where your target is most active, you’ll know where you should spend most of your time. To build on that, see who your target customers are following, and assess that content. Finally, consider where your competition is present, and take a look at their social strategy… how can you differentiate yourself and do better?


Once you go through this process, you’ll have a better idea of the direction you want to go in and how to execute your long term goals. Choose your channels based on your research and specify your goals to fit to those channels. From there, you can begin to create a killer content plan.

Cort Davies
Cort Davies
Cort believes that startups should get powerful, effective marketing advice along with practical and positive soft skills to give them the best chance to succeed.

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