April 22, 2016
marketing podcast

5 Best Marketing Podcasts to Start Your Day

  We all know we should be listening to podcasts, but we never really commit to tuning in to one. I’m telling you to change your ways! Podcasts allow you to hear valuable conversations from marketing experts, without having to get ahold of them. It’s free knowledge! So, check out some of these podcasts and take a listen to one over your morning coffee, shower (because that’s where all the good ideas come from, right?) or commute to work. Here are my top five, in no particular order.    Marketing Over Coffee Hosts: John Wall and Christopher Penn Avg. Length: […]
April 11, 2016
How having a second phone number and cutting down on email made me 75% more productive

How Having a Second Phone Number and Cutting Down on Email Made Me 75% More Productive

  As a growth consultant, email is the bane of my existence. If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, you can probably relate. A few months ago I started to realize how much time I spent on email: I used a fun tool called rescue time and it told me I was spending 6-8 hours of active time per week in Gmail. I received almost 250 emails a day! I was spending much too much time on email and not enough getting critical tasks done.     Fast forward a few months. I now receive a quarter of the emails […]
April 5, 2016
video marketing

Video Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

  Though last year was dubbed “The Year of Video Marketing” by MarketingProfs, it’s still holding strong in 2016. Video marketing is pretty self-explanatory. To put it simply, video marketing is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns. Videos can be anything from created content, viral content, customer testimonials, live event videos, etc.   It’s smart to consider the importance of showing versus telling. Video tells a story on its own, and has a much higher ability to captivate an audience and clearly portray a point. Viewers aren’t overwhelmed with text– they get a visually appealing, creative treat. But how effective […]
March 17, 2016
social media strategy for beginners

Beginner Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing, and is a fantastic way to connect with your audience. A lot of companies give little thought to a social media strategy and instead go all in with minimal planning, leading to disorganization and blunders. To avoid those costs, slow down and take a step back when evaluating entrance into (or revision of) your social media strategy.   Know your goals Start by asking yourself what you want to accomplish in the long run. What are your end goals? And from there, consider the purpose of your social […]
December 3, 2014

How To Meet 5 New People Tomorrow

Do you feel like its difficult to meet new people?  Do you desire to increase your social circle or get better at networking for business?  I am about to show you a simple way to meet 5 new people tomorrow and 5 new people the next day, and everyday after that if you so desire.  Its a fun little game that forces you to talk to and meet more people and its super easy. Since moving to a new city I wanted to make a point to meet as many new people as I could.  You never know where you’ll […]
September 15, 2013

The Quality Of Your Life Is Directly Proportional To The Quality Of Your Communication

Recently I have been fascinated with communication most namely in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP).  This came about when I was listening to Tony Robbins “Unlimited Power” and he said something that really hit home for me.  “The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your communication.” Think about this quote for a second.  Think about situations (relationships, interviews, business meetings, family) that could have gone in a different direction had the quality of the communication been better. This brings me back to NLP.  We have five basic senses: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory.  In NLP, […]
August 26, 2013

Surround Yourself With Amazing People

Have you ever read Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People?”  Its a book worth reading more than once, in fact I brush up on it every year or so.  This book was one of the keys to making me understand the importance of relationships and surrounding yourself with amazing people.  So why surround yourself with “amazing people?” Have you ever gotten frustrated about where you are in your life?  Perhaps your job isn’t going the way you want it to or you have been having unsuccessful relationships.  Now take a look back and think about the […]