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It’s the first week of 2014 and I am sitting in my new “office.”  It’s an outdoor roof deck set back about 5 houses from the Pacific Ocean.  I have been envisioning this moment for the last 5 years and I consider it an accomplishment.  From corporate cubicle dweller to entrepreneurial beach bum, its been a fun ride.

Do you hate your office, your commute, or even your job?  Well it doesn’t have to be that way.  You too can have the ocean front office with the view.


I used to have the 45 minute commute where you dreaded leaving the house in the morning only to get to work 15-20 minutes late, be frazzled all day, then repeat another 45 minutes to an hour on the way home, hurry through a quick workout with every other douche who just got off work, eat dinner at 8:30, bed, then repeat. 

If you have kids and a spouse this made it even more challenging.  This is NOT the way to live and no job is that important that you need to go through this.

The True Fact Is…

you are most likely more important to your company then they are to you but we were taught by our oh so “worst case scenario” elders that you are truly lucky to have a job in this world of few jobs.  This is complete bullshit and if you really want to change you attitude toward this you have to realize that we are, in fact, in a world of abundance and there are 50 other jobs you can have besides the one you are doing right now.

If you really wanted to cut you commute in half, work a few days from home, get to exercise more, and spend more time with your family, YOU CAN DO IT TODAY.   Don’t get caught in that “40 years of soul crushing 9-5 office work” if you don’t have too.


First, you need to realize how valuable you are to your company.  If you like what you do and like your company and really kick ass for them, its most likely they will bend over backward to make you feel appreciated.

If you are feeling like you need a change, write down what you would do differently in your days if you worked from home or if you only had to come in the office 3 days a week instead of 5.  Envision yourself doing this.  Its more of a reality than you think.  

Look at all the quality time you created for your happiness and wellbeing.  BTW, your happiness and wellbeing will come back tenfold to the company you work for and if they cannot see that, FIRE THEIR ASS! You don’t need them!

Its Time To Take A Stand

So if you want to have a better quality of life by being more autonomous and spending less time in an office, its time to sit down with your boss and explain your case.  Start with all that you have done for the company to build your value.  

Mention you current burnout, anxiety, or stress.  Mention your lack of time with your spouse or kids.  Build a case for yourself because you know you have it.  Ask for a trial run of a day or two working at home.  

If you get this consider tracking your productivity and happiness on a daily basis.  If your boss is not willing to listen or consider this its time for you to start considering looking for a new job. Don’t get stuck in the trap that most businesses have on their employees.

 Life is not long enough to be doing stuff you don’t want to do, with people you don’t want to be around, at a company you don’t like.  You are better than this.

I believe the future of the corporation or business is going to shift tremendously over the next 20 years.  Congested roads and office space costs are going to be replaced by a remote working environments and better quality of life. 

The biggest hurdle to overcome is allowing employees to manage their own time. 

Many businesses today are just too paranoid.  Frankly I believe these corporations are going to be left behind.  What would you rather have; great pay, work from home, flexibility, or long commute, bland cubicle with crappy florescent lighting, and no time for your health or wellbeing?

The companies that are going to get the best employees are going to be the companies that trust remote working employees and realize that their 40 hour work week is not their entire life and that the less effort it takes to complete their work, the happier and more efficient they will be. Just remember, you can have the ocean front office with the view.  

You just need to realize that your company needs you, and your happiness is imperative to their success.  Imagine your life with the flexibility of working from home.  Its a better situation for both yourself and your company and if they disagree, you are with the wrong company.

Resources: Work Awesome – How to ask your boss to work from home

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Cort Davies
Cort Davies
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