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May 11, 2014
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Do you ever walk through a beautiful park busily hurrying toward where you need to get too? Do you ever get the urge to chuck your shoes and put your feet in the grass?

Do you drive by the same beautiful lake or pond everyday thinking about how wonderful it would be to put your feet in and just watch the swans and ducks float by?


When was the last time you veered off course, took your shoes off, and felt the green grass against your bare feet or the sand between your toes?  My guess is you may not even remember and that really sucks.

Why are we in such a damn hurry and why don’t we “stop to smell the roses?”  Because our damn brain is always telling us we need to be “constructive” and “get things done.”

There is ALWAYS something to do.  Our to do list will come with us when we die because its never really finished.  It’s tiring just thinking about it.

Do you always feel like you are in a hurry and cannot get everything done?  The thing you actually need to do is the opposite of logic.  When you have too much do to its time to slow down.

Do you want to take some complexity out of your day to day existence for the sake of your sanity?  Simplify your life by veering off course because what you are currently doing most likely isn’t working well for you.  

The smallest change can have the biggest affect.  

Today on this sunny Saturday I decided to slowly meander through my old college town of Boston.  I am sitting in Boston Gardens, watching little kids feeding the ducks.  

If I hadn’t veared of course today I wouldn’t have come upon this beautiful Memorial Day flag garden in Boston Commons.  It totally made my day and I cannot imagine missing out on seeing it although I would have never known had I not decided to just explore and take in the day.  

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My shoes are off and the sun is beaming.  I am just sitting here watching life go by.  But what about all the things I HAVE TO DO TODAY?  They can wait and I may not get to them.  Oh well.

Cort Davies
Cort Davies
Cort believes that startups should get powerful, effective marketing advice along with practical and positive soft skills to give them the best chance to succeed.

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