How To Lose weight, Feel Great, and Save Money Without Fad Diets

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Do you want a simple way to increase energy, lose weight, sleep better, improve mood, and save money while doing it?  I am going to show you the simplest diet you have ever been exposed to and tell you why its so effective.  BUT FIRST lets ditch the word “diet.”  

Diet to me means short term solution for a long term problem.  Diet also sounds temporary and is often meant to sound painless.  It tricks us into thinking its going to be easy.  What I am going to share with you CAN BE EASY but to be the most effective you should make it apart of your permanent lifestyle.

I have always been health conscious since being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1999.  I have spend countless hours research and trying ways to keep inflammation down in my body.  I have tried hundreds of different supplements, vitamins, juices, mixes, etc.  I have also tried many many different combinations of foods on a consistent basis to test my bodies reaction to them.

A few critical things I have come to realize:

1. We rely way too much on vitamins and supplements to provide us with what our food can give us…and most of them do nothing and we are wasting millions of dollars a years on them. How many half used bottles of vitamins and supplements do you have in your cupboard?

2. The shear combinations of foods we are eating plays havoc on your body and your metabolism and could be disastrous for your energy and weight.

3. That devilish little ingredient sugar is in almost everything and you don’t know it.  There are 75+ different names for sugar in our food and according to the Huffington Post “The average American consumes at least 64 pounds of sugar per year, and the average teenage boy at least 109 pounds.” Here is an ARTICLE to see the names of those hidden sugars in your “healthy” energy bars and yogurts.

4. We buy too many different things at the grocery store because our flavor pallet has gotten destroyed from all this sugar and artificial chemicals.  In 1975 there was an average of 8,000 products in an average grocery store.  That has risen to an average of 47,000!  75% of those 47,000 products are unhealthy even in Whole Foods.

5. If it has too many ingredients to understand, DON’T EAT IT!

6. Organic food portioned correctly is not expensive.

7. Contrary to what you believe, fruit juice is not good for you.  In eliminating the fruit, you eliminate the fiber needed to digest the sugar in the fruit.  Fruit juice is just liquid sugar and too much of it is no good.

8.  Stay away from milk and wheat product whenever you can.

9.  If you are going to drink, drink red wine.

10.  The easiest way to lose weight is to eat the same simple meals every day.

Try this simple and effective diet


I am no diet expert but I have a more sensitive digestive system than most and in fact I was on 16 pills a days for over 5 years and through proper diet I went of my medicine and am medicine free for almost 10 years.  I am more sensitive to changes in my diet.

Now to the permanent lifestyle change that will help you lose weight (and keep it off), have more consistent energy, and be easy on your finances.  All of the below are organic but don’t necessarily have to be.

Morning: 2-3 eggs, 1/2 cup of black beans, 1/2 avocado

Lunch: 1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup black beans, steamed broccoli

Dinner: 1 chick breast or fist size grass fed beef, 1/2 cup black beans, salad with olive oil

Fairly unexciting right?  This is the way we were suppose to eat.  Our ancestors had very simple diets because they only had access to so much.  Simple is great for your metabolism.  This diet doesn’t give you glycemic fluctuations.

So why so many beans? Well, I stole this from Tim Ferriss’s “Low Carb Diet.”   Beans keep you full, give you long term energy, and have tons of fiber to keep you “consistent.”  Being “consistent” is the critical characteristic of this diet because it assists in getting all the crap out of your digestive system and makes you a finely tuned machine.  

Believe it or not the characteristics of your bowl movements are in direct correlation to the way your body is working.  You can search google for this on your own! 

To make it easy, go to the grocery store Sunday and buy everything you need for the week.  All prices below are for one person and are averages in Boston Massachusetts at Whole Foods which tends to be on the higher end of prices in the US:


14-21 eggs ($3.99 dozen)

7-10 chicken breasts ($4/breast)

2 lbs grass fed beef ($10/lb)

3 cans black beans ($2.99/can)

4 avocados ($1.50/avocado)

2 bunch Broccoli ($2.50/bunch)

Salad Mix ($5/large premix)

Olive Oil ($7/L)


The total dollar amount of the above is approximately $96.  If you have 21 meals per week (3/day) thats an average of $4.57/meal!

On Sunday after you shop, cook all the meat and broccoli and put in tupperware for meals.  I also usually hard boil a dozen eggs in case I am running late in the morning.  I usually eat the beans cold but thats up to you.  In addition, I sometimes use hot sauce to zest up the meal.  THATS IT!

Try this diet for 21 days following the critical things items up above.  Your going to cheat a little here and there and thats just normal.  To prevent cheating make sure you don’t buy any junk or have junk in your house.

Save the cheating for special occasions like vacations or dinner with friends.


After 21 days see how you feel.  My guess is you are going to feel better than you have in a long time.  You are going to feel trimmer, have more consistent energy, and have more money in your pocket.  

Its just crazy how much money we waste on crap and how having a simple daily diet can have a tremendous affect on your life.  Give it a go, what do you have to lose.

If you need some extra motivation check out one of my older blog posts to get you going.

Also if you want to try some more heath challenges visit my friend Terry’s website for instructions.



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Cort Davies
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