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August 9, 2014
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That’s right, I am going to reveal to you the top-secret equation that if executed will lead to more happiness in your life. It’s a big promise but once I show you the ingredients you will see the light.

My guess is if you are unhappy, bored, or feeling a lack of passion it is because you are missing one or more parts of this equation. If you can properly solve this equation, all of this will vanish!

Sounds intriguing right? Are you ready for me to reveal the equation to you?? Here comes a true Zen moment.

(Enthusiasm) + (Passion) + (The Right People) = Unstoppable Force.

This simple equation can reveal so much. It can solve most depression, anxiety, and all the other tragic issues that plague our happiness and mental state. With all of its parts firing on all cylinders, your happiness is all but guaranteed.

Lets go back to my engineering days and break down the parts of the equation. Get your nerd glasses on. Here we go.


Enthusiasm  is the first part of the secret equation. Enthusiasm is defined as a “strong feeling of active interest in something you like or enjoy.” It’s very similar to the definition of Passion yet the kind of enthusiasm I speak about in this equation is a special kind of enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm comes from within and can be had without actually having an active interest in “something.” This enthusiasm is more powerful.

To harness this power you need to make your self enthusiastic about almost everything you do. You need to become an optimistic enthusiast.


You know what happens when you walk around all day with enthusiasm? Both new passions and new people reveal themselves to you. This could be very helpful in our equation as you can see.

So be enthusiastic for no good reason at all. Break the rules about having to have an active interest in “something” and make it all things. Good things WILL follow.

Passion as defined by Webster, “a strong feeling of excitement for something or about doing something.” In this equation, Passion is our specific “something” that’s going to channel our enthusiasm. It’s a double whammy!

Passion can come in many forms (hobbies, charity, sports, businesses, love, family, etc.) and contrary to some beliefs, passion is malleable and can constantly change.

New passions come and old passions go. It’s completely normal and acceptable to be nimble and progressive allowing for changes in any direction when necessary.


The key is finding a Passion that gives you childlike excitement and visions of adventure. It’s that feeling in your stomach you have all had but you want to have more often.

If you know what your passion is at the moment write it down. If not, you need to explore further by considering what you like and what you excel at.

Here is a quick exercise you can do to shed some light on your passion(s).

Passion Finding Exercise– Take out a piece of paper and write down 20 or more things that make you excited and feel alive. Next circle your top 3 things on that list of 20. These are the ones that really make you smile.

Then you need to play elimination and actually spend a week at a time putting more effort into each of the 3 passions. Which one do you feel best about after each consecutive week? That is the ones you should focus on but remember, these can come and go and that’s just fine.

Now that we have your Passion and Enthusiasm down it is time for the final part of the equation.

The Right People  may come into your equation before you establish your passion but they most likely will not show up without that contagious enthusiasm. Once you go through life with enthusiasm they may show up and reveal your passion to you. Passion and People are interchangeable in this equation.

Humans are social creatures and when we get together to share enthusiasm and passion it can literally change the world and especially YOUR WORLD. The power of your excitement and energy is multiplied.


With the right people sharing your specific passion, now you have created an artificial shield of protection for your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. There is no bigger killer of passions than sharing your passions with the wrong people.

So how do you find “The Right People?” First, by being enthusiastic for no reason, people will be attracted to your energy. You may have to weed out some but others will come along that will combine enthusiasms with you and even more will be attracted to you now.

If you identified you passion(s) go to places where people with the same passions are going to be.

If you are passionate about helping animals, volunteer at an animal shelter.

If you are passionate about starting a business go to entrepreneurial events.

If you are passionate about learning languages, take language classes and join language societies.

Being shy is not an option and being too sensitive is also detrimental. Share your enthusiasm and passion and the “right people” will respond.

One last part to this equation is that you may have to eliminate the “wrong people” in your life or at least lesson their affect on you. This one little thing can throw off your enthusiasm and your passion and we don’t want that getting in your way.

There you have it, the top-secret equation that will make you an unstoppable force and ultimately bring you more happiness. If ever your life feels out of whack go back to this equation and make sure all the parts are in working order.

(Enthusiasm) + (Passion) + (The Right People) = Unstoppable Force.


If you start to feel unhappy, bored, or have a lack of excitement in life, my guess is that you don’t have the proper enthusiasm, your passion has shifted, or you are with the wrong people.

Get your nerd glasses on, take out that white board and work on your top-secret equation. When you have it solved, your world will be great!

Cort Davies
Cort Davies
Cort believes that startups should get powerful, effective marketing advice along with practical and positive soft skills to give them the best chance to succeed.

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